Fake Provisional Driving Licence

Novelty Fake UK Learner Driving Licences

Applying for a provisional licence is easy, there are no special requirements for you to obtaining one, so I'm not sure why a learner driver should be looking for a fake ID provisional driving license. If you are looking for a Novelty provisional driving licence, then there are websites out there offering what are good replicas of UK driving licences, and from some reports on some forums, these fake licences are quite good copies of the real thing.

Can I just make it very clear that it is illegal and a criminal offence to drive a car or learn to drive in the UK without a valid provisional driving licence, and if you are thinking of passing off these fake novelity licences as the real thing, the relevant authorities (police and DVLA) are aware of them, and know what to look for on these fake provisional documents.

There are genuine people (tourists and collectors) who just want these novelty provisional licences for nostalgia reasons, if however you are a learner driver who can't be bothered to put in the effort to go through the application process or have a provisional licence with points and want to replace the valid document for driving cars, then sooner than later you will be caught.

Fake Provisional driving ID Cards

You can not also use these fake provisional driving licences for identification purposes or to impersonate another individual.

Stop looking for fake ID driving licences, go through the proper channels to get a valid provisional licence or pass the driving test and get the full UK licence.

Fake Driving licences for the uk

These fake novelity documents are in high demand because the DSA driving test is getting harder, and the current pass rate is only 40% and the high cost of lessons means a lot of people are looking for fake UK driving licences.

It is illegal in the UK to be in possession of a fake driving licence whether you are using it to drive a car or as means of indentification in place of a national identification card. Recently a fraudster from Waltham Abbey who obtained credit cards and loans using a fake provisional driving license in the UK was jailed for 15 months.
The man used false ID documents with a fake name to get a £4,500 loan from the HSBC bank company in early 2005. The account was over drawn by a further £3,000 before it was closed by HSBC, the fraudster then opened another account 16 months later with a separate fake photocard UK provisiona driving license.

Fake UK driving licences which look like the real provisional documents are on sale via various websites on the internet as Novelity gifts for tourists or collectors, but a lot of people are using these fake documents either to avoid having taking a uk driving test, or underaged teenagers are using them to purchase alcohol in bars and clubs.

The UK authorities are aware of these fake driving licences, and if you are caught with any of these dubious identification cards, you risk going to jail, so as a warning, you are adviced to stay clear of these Fake Provisional Driving Licence

If you are a tourist or a collector of foriegn driving licences, please do use google to search for the online websites where you will be able to get these authentic fake driving licences, otherwise it is best if you just pass the UK driving test and make use of the full pink licence that comes as a benefit for succeeding.

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